Brave Heart

1 organ donor can save 8 lives. Make your wishes known.

Music Artist Msaki in favor of Recycle Me. Design Pamela Lindgren. Photo Gustavo Perillo Nogueira

All rights reserved © 2017. Ballet dancer Benita Bünger in favor of Recycle Me. Photo: Thomas Holm Photography. All rights reserved © 2016.

It takes a brave heart to make a difference! Consider your wishes, they can save lives.

Designer and founder of Recycle Me Pamela Lindgren has created a limited edition of a piece of jewellery for organ donation awareness, called “Brave Heart”. A heart in brass, the size of the human heart.


"-My intention with this piece of jewellery was to make it large, to make it really striking. Symbolically I also made it gold-coloured. It takes a brave heart to make a difference when it comes to really caring for each other, a person with a heart of gold." - Pamela Lindgren

Brave Heart. Limited edition. Inspired by Love. Handmade in Sweden. Design Pamela Lindgren.


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