Ambassador ETZIA

Etzia in favor of Recycle Me. Design Pamela Lindgren. Photo by Gustavo Perillo Nogueira. © 2016.

This is music artist ETZIA, one of RECYCLE ME´s amazing ambassadors! We had the chance to meet her and interview her about her engagement in the RECYCLE ME movement. Read about her, what inspires and motivates her!

- Who are you and where do you live, would you like to say something about your background and family, friends?

My name is Erica, I'm born in New York and have Westindian heritage. Now I'm based in Sweden, living with my daughter and fiancé. My friends are my extended family, most of them in the music industry

- What inspires you as a person and in your music?

Life inspires me, waking up to a new day, walking the streets of Gothenburg, looking out over the harbor, participating in cultural things, listening to my friends and other peoples’ stories. I also love Art Deco and sci-Fi.

- How would you describe your music?

My music stems in reggae and dancehall but has a Western flavor to it, giving it new character.

- What motivates you as a person and as a musician?

Understanding myself and learning to let go of control motivates me to continue doing music.

- Why do you choose to take part in the RECYCLE ME movement about organ donation?

We have come of an age where our technique is so developed, instead of building nuclear and other weapons I think we should proceed to educate us in saving lives and learning more about the human body.

- You are now one of the ambassadors for the RECYCLE ME movement, can you describe, tell us something about this?

As an ambassador I hope to be a spokesperson for the voices in need, so when they're lying on the operation table they know there is a chance they will be saved.

- You recently performed in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Culture Festival “Kulturkalaset”, can you tell us something about this event?

The event was a kick-off for us Swedes and South Africans. Combining music and arts is a tool we will continue to use to express the importance of rescuing lives and staying humble to humanity.

- Is there something you would like to change like anything in the cause of organ donation or other movement, topics, anything the sky’s no limit?

I wish for people to be more conscious of how we choose to spend our days on this planet, to prioritize right so that the future can be worth longing for.

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Many thanks to photographer Gustavo and team for great photos and participating for the cause- Organ Donation Concerns Us All!

Photo Gustavo Perillo Nogueira. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2016