Ambassador Msaki

Asanda Msaki Mvana in favor of Recycle Me. Design Pamela Lindgren. Photo Gustavo Perillo Nogueira © 2017

This is Msaki, one of Recycle Me’s ambassadors. A lady with a Big Heart! Msaki lives and works in South Africa, but her music is spread worldwide. Last year we had the privilege of hosting her in one of our Organ Donation Awareness events in Sweden. Thank you Msaki for contributing to our global mission- Organ Donation Concerns Us All.

A quote from a song from Msaki´s latest album that we think symbolize love and hope “These are the days/ of love and grace/ Nothing is a waste/ Put it all together/ Nothing you have faced/ Love pulls us together/ It’s alright you know” - from the song “Liwa lentliziyo” on the Msaki album “Zaneliza: How the water moves”

Join us for organ donation awareness!

In South Africa if you want to register as an Organ Donor

visit this page Organ Donor Registration

If you’d like to know more about Msaki, you can find her music here;

Twitter @Msaki_ZA