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Lars-Erik Gelin (1920 – 1980) was professor of General Surgery and Transplantation Surgery at Gothenburg University and the director of dept. of

Surgery I, Sahlgrenska Hospital. Prof. Gelin initiated 1965 the renal transplant program at the Sahlgrenska Hospital which during the 1970’s under his leadership expanded successfully both clinically as well as scientifically to become one of the worlds’ largest renal transplant units.

Professor Lars-Erik Gelin Memorial Foundation for Transplant Research was founded 1981 with the aim to support research in the transplantation field, especially transplantations of abdominal organs. The foundation was created on the initiative of the Association of Kidney Patients of West Sweden and its board members consist of representatives of the patient organisation, professor Gelin family and transplant surgeons/physicians. The main support of the foundation is given as research grants to individual scientific projects.

In addition 2 scholarships have been created:

- The “Gelin scholarship for surgeons/physicions” (presently SEK 100 000) was founded 1996 and is annually awarded to one surgeon/physician in order to develop their clinical competence by practicing at a foreign transplant clinic.

- The “Gelin scholarship for paramedical transplantation staff” (presently SEK 30 000) has been introduced annually to nurses, coordinators and other paramedical transplantation staff to increase their clinical competence in the care of transplantation patients.

The total foundation capital assets is today about SEK 12,5 millions (USD 1, 7 millions).

We are very appreciative of all gifts to the Foundation, great and small. Please use our bank giro service for all payments. We send out letters of thanks immediately together with condolence cards.