Creativex PE

The Creative X

"Is a space, where creatives can have coffee, catch-up, create, as well as look into collaboration. To work towards more cultural projects in Nelson Mandela Bay, this is a creative community centred around links as well as connecting on the creative events that are happening within the city. The ethos being to get the creative community to meeting regularly as well as foster creative entrepreneurship." - Creative X


A vibrant creative scene in Nelson Mandela Bay/Port Elizabeth that is diverse, collaborative and well supported, attracting artists to the city and nurturing existing local talent.

We aim:

To serve as a portal for interested persons to connect with the local creative scene.

To provide a platform for connecting local creatives with one another, and opportunities to share their work.

To facilitate the sharing of information, skills and resources among creatives in the city.

To encourage collaboration among artists across different disciplines to create projects that are diverse, and effective toward collective success.

    How we will be doing this:

Host regular social gatherings and networking sessions with the aim of building the creative community network.

Host information sharing sessions and workshops that improve local creatives' knowledge and skill sets allowing them to be better equipped to engage with creative markets both within and outside of the city.

Assist and facilitate collaborations that showcase local talent to the world, develop meaningful relationships, and nurture creative talent emerging from the city.

Improve digital online presence of Nelson Mandela Bay's creatives through audio and visual media such as, but not limited to, podcasts and short videos.